Success Stories


Juanita O'Dell - Musclemania Figure Pro

Juanita started coaching with us in November 2014 and decided she wanted to totally dominate the 2015 season. She did just that, by winning the overall title at the Musclemania Australia show and went on to compete in Las Vegas at the Musclemania World Championships where she won $1,500 in the Pro Division.

She is a mother of 3, runs a full-time business, and incorporates flexible dieting and structured training programming to reach her goals.


Michael Lindeback - INBA Physique Pro

Michael initially invested in 20 weeks of coaching towards his first ever physique competition. He has a CrossFit background and an extremely active lifestyle. We were able to incorporate his CrossFit training into our strength and nutrition protocols, and in the processed we greatly increased his calorie intake and reduced his body fat levels in the process.

Michael started at 10.1% body fat and ended his prep at 4.5%, using the same body fat measurement procedures. He won the overall at his first show and then went on to win another overall title, earning his Pro card and being invited to compete at the INBA Natural Olympia in Las Vegas.

We worked together post-show to get his body healthy again without heavily re-gaining body fat, and he is now focused on building more lean mass.


Jane Wilson - International Figure Competitor

Jane came to us for coaching towards her first ever figure competition, and was filled with doubt and concern about her potential. Over the course of 20 weeks she made consistent progressive improvements which led her to dropping close to 8kg of body fat, and gaining a lot of strength.

To her surprise but our expectation, she placed 1st in her show, winning the INBA Figure International. She then went on to place 1st in the ANB Figure Novice, 2nd in the ANB Figure International, and was selected to compete in Las Vegas at the Musclemania World Championships, where she placed 2nd.

Jane has a bright future and big plans to dominate the 2016 season.

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Jarrod Boyce - Natural Bodybuilder

Jarrod is an experienced and highly successful bodybuilder under his own guidance, but decided to work with us in 2014 towards his first bodybuilding competition utilising flexible dieting protocols, and our approach to training.

For the first time in a contest prep he was able to enjoy a very wide range of food sources, not have to worry about eating every 3 hours, and in the process managed to place 1st at the INBA Qld Titles. He then went on to place at the Musclemania Australia show, and has since done exceptionally well utilising the same principles in his follow-up shows.

Jarrod is now a coach himself and works with clients to incorporate a flexible approach where preferred, much like he did.

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Zelle Gillespie - Fitness Model

Zelle has a sports background and decided she wanted to challenge herself by entering her first fitness model competition. She incorporated a set nutrition plan and then started to incorporate flexible dieting to make the journey more enjoyable and manageable.

In the process Zelle gained strength, learned how to perform and incorporate key exercises such as sumo deadlifts, overhead press, and squats to build an impressive lean and strong physique. She placed 2nd in her INBA show and has plans to get back on stage soon!

Since competing she has really improved her lean mass, consistency, and overall strength. Definitely one of the hardest workers in the gym.

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Mark Cuckson - Natural Bodybuilder

Mark decided he wanted to enter his first bodybuilding show, after quite a foundation of weight training at a young age. We worked together over 20 weeks to bring the best package possible, focusing on a balance between size and conditioning.

Mark incorporated flexible dieting for the first time and got to enjoy foods you wouldn’t typically see in a contest prep diet. He was also able to keep his food intake quite high and made body composition improvements on a weekly basis through consistency both with his diet and in the gym.

He ended up placing 4th in his first INBA show, and then went on to place 2nd at the Musclemania Australia show. Since competing he has maintained his great shape and is looking at moving towards the muscle model division in the future.

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Krystal MacBeth - Figure Overall Champion

Krystal came to us late in 2014 to improve her nutritional strategies towards improved body composition. She then came back in 2015 and decided to spend 12 months improving her physique and in the process competing in shows in both Season A and Season B of the year.

She went on to win the overall title at the ANB Asia Pacific International, and got selected to compete at the Musclemania World Championships in Las Vegas. Before heading over, she jumped into the Musclemania Australia show as a warm up, and looked exceptionally well in all shows.

Krystal is a perfectionist and her level of conditioning has to be seen in person to really appreciate it. She is extremely consistent and continues to work with us today, improving her health and lifestyle balance post-competition.


Musclemania Australia

Elise, Amanda, Juanita, and Krystal all competed at the 2015 Musclemania Australia show, which qualified them to be selected to compete over in Las Vegas.

Juanita walked away winning the Overall Figure Division, earning her Musclemania PRO status, and went on to compete in Las Vegas!