Screw The Scale!

Okay before you throw your scale away, let’s talk about body weight changes, and why your current weight isn’t an honest representation of your body fat percentage or fitness progress.

I was actually just in the middle of reviewing a client’s weekly check-in and her weight was unexpectedly lower. In fact, it was almost 2KG lower than last week, and she isn’t holding a lot of body fat by any means.

Reviewing her recent weeks of check-ins, her weight goes like this…

(7 days between weigh ins)

55.6 (+0.3)
55.4 (-0.2)
55 (-0.4)
56 (+1.0)
55.6 (-0.4)
57.4 (+1.8)
55.5 (-1.9)

Now as you’ll see, there was a spike in weight last week, which makes it seem like close to a 2KG loss this week, when in reality, compared to the week prior there is just a 100g difference.

Rather than comparing 7 day weigh ins, we take an approach where she weighs in daily as well and then gets the average for the week. This is what this looks like…
55.4 (0.0)
54.9 (+0.5)
55.5 (-0.4)
55.6 (+0.1)
55.8 (+0.2)
56.5 (+0.7)
56.2 (-0.2)

As you can see, whilst there was a 1.9KG drop in body weight at the 7 day mark, the average weight difference for the week is only a 200g, after a 700g spike the week prior.

If this is all too much for you right now, understand this.

Your Body Hates You! 

Okay, I’m kidding. But what I meant to say is; using your body weight as a means of tracking your fat loss or muscle gain progression is not an ideal approach. There are far too many fluctuations caused primarily by fluid shifts/retention that can throw things off.

This is why we not only track the data of daily weigh ins to get the weekly average, we also track waist measurement changes, training performance feedback, nutritional consistency, and visual progress.

If your weight is up but your waist is down this is great.

If your weight is up, waist hasn’t changed, and training performance is better than ever, this is still good.

If your weight is up, waist is up, training performance is okay, but visually you appear noticeably leaner, you might be a unicorn. 

What I’m getting at here is this: Don’t make decisions about your training or nutrition based on your body weight alone. 

A smart coach will have a smart approach, and if you trust the process you will succeed!

Time to get back to providing this client with some feedback and steps to take for the new week. If you know you would benefit from having someone in your corner doing the same for you, hit me up HERE.

I’m currently taking new clients, but only those who are ready to make a change.

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