Coaching – Supplements

Supplement Recommendations

Supplements are an addition to a balanced diet. Depending on what we consume on a daily basis, at times we lack certain nutrients and over consume others. We can improve our health by adding supplements but should never rely on them as a sole source of nutrition. Food is king.

Daily Health Supplement Protocol

  • Fish Oil – 3-6g per day – spread out in two serves per day, morning and lunchtime

  • Multi-Vitamin & Minerals – once per day in the morning

  • Vitamin D3 – once per day in the morning

Pre-Workout Supplement Protocol

  • 150-300mg Caffeine – 30-45 mins pre-workout

  • 5g Physique Formation Creatine – 30-45 mins pre-workout or post-workout (for muscle gain & strength)

Post-Workout Supplement Protocol

Additional Supplement Considerations
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Zinc Supplementation
  • Calcium Supplementation