Challenge – Sample Meal Plans

How To Make a Meal Plan on MyFitnessPal

Meal plans are a good guide to give you an idea of what to eat with specific measurements based on a calorie target. The macronutrients are spread out in an appropriate way to encourage muscle gain and fat loss.

1200 Calories

1500 Calories

1700 Calories

1800 Calories

2200 Calories

2400 Calories

In addition to these basic meal plans please consider the following

  • Salt meals lightly (at least two meals per day)
  • Consume 3L+ of water per day
  • Stick to lower calorie sauces, salsa, spices, and flavours
  • If you miss a meal just have it later or combine it with another one
  • You can swap around the order of meals on the plan. The crucial aspect of it is getting in all of the foods each day, at the listed┬ámeasurements.
  • You could have a relaxed meal (or cheat meal) once per week but it would be best to swap out a listed meal for this, and try to maintain some control in regards to total calories consumed. Cheat meals typically set you back if you over indulge. It is best to track your macros to fit in fun foods!