Challenge – Sample 1700 Calorie Meal Plan

This meal plan would be best suited for those who are training 4+ days per week, have an active lifestyle, and looking to drop their current body weight of 65KG+

Meal 1 Upon waking Meal Notes
60g Quick Oats
30g Whey Protein
50g Blueberries
2g Fish Oil
Cook the oats in the microwave with water, then mix in the protein powder, and berries.


Meal 2 3-4 hours later


Meal Notes

170g Chobani Flavoured Yoghurt (low-fat)
120g Apple
30g Almonds
Yoghurt is no or low fat. Coconut flavour is great!


Meal 3 3-4 hours later


Meal Notes

110g Chicken Breast (Skinless)
125g Brown Rice (cooked weight)
125g Mixed Veg
Consider salsa for additional flavour. Mixed veg can be fresh or frozen.


Meal 4 within 2 hours pre or post workout

Meal Notes
30g Whey Protein
100g Banana
Pre or post-workout nutrients.


Meal 5 2-4 hours pre-bed


Meal Notes

110g Lean Steak
125g Mixed Veg
200g Sweet Potato
50g Avocado
You can replace the lean steak with chicken or fish at equal measurements.