Online Coaching

Online Coaching provides a personalised service and ensures long-term progressive results. Online Coaching includes the key tools to create structure and will provide you with direct support throughout your journey.

Coaching Options

– Training & Nutrition is suitable for those looking to achieve a complete transformation, inclusive of event preparation.

– Training only is suitable for those who need assistance with planning training programming towards performance improvements.

– Nutrition only is suitable for those who need assistance with planning nutrition towards body composition improvements.

Coaching Inclusions


Fully personalised training programming

  • Based on your desired outcome
  • Considers preferred training frequency
  • Considers level of experience
  • Progressive overload orientated
  • Periodised
  • Updated weekly based on progress
  • Key exercise technique videos
  • Abs, conditioning, and glute circuits
  • Specific cardio recommendations

Fully personalised nutrition programming

  • Full meal planning provided
  • Based on effective macronutrient targets
  • Considers food preferences
  • Flexible dieting explained
  • Nutrient timing suggestions
  • Educational videos around nutrition
  • Updated as needed based on progress
  • Specific supplementation recommendations
  • Stress management protocols
  • Sleep quality protocols

Online weekly check-ins

  • Tracking all data to ensure progress
  • Photos
  • Measurements
  • Video analysis
  • Adjustments
  • Behaviour coaching

Private Facebook group and website resource

  • Further education
  • Further communication
  • Support

Coaching App

  • All programming accessible from one place
  • Nutrition plan accessible and synced to MyFitness Pal
  • Training volume tracked
  • Tracking performance progress
  • Communication with coach
  • Videos on how to complete exercises

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Nutrition OR Training Only – $59 / per week
Training & Nutrition Coaching – $89 / per week