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You’ve just done something most people don’t…


You’ve taken action. Taking action is a difficult thing to do for most people. But you did it. And for that, I want to congratulate you.

Before you proceed with the 10 Week Challenge, I want to make sure you get the most out of this service…

Accountability Is Key!

My clients who get the best results are those who check in with me on a fortnightly basis. We keep a track record of your weight changes, your measurements as your waist shrinks, and your visual progression with progress photos.

We also ensure that you’re sticking to the program by sending in training progress data, tracking your nutritional intake through MyFitnessPal, ensuring key indicators of stress are managed, and ultimately keep you progressing from where you are to exactly where you want to be.

You will get a detailed review to your check-in, covering all aspects of training, cardio, and nutritional changes to ensure success. You may be provided homework to complete each week to stay accountable and excited, and have all of your questions answered.

Those who invest in fortnightly check-ins are those who see the best results, and learn the most in the process. Guaranteed.

Are you ready to add ongoing accountability to your transformation?

$ 497 One Time Fee

(Includes 5x Fortnightly Coaching Check-ins)

Don’t need support?

$ 297 One Time Fee

(NO Coaching Check-ins)