About Us

Any type of physique competition (bodybuilding, fitness, figure, etc) preparation is physically and mentally demanding. It is not something we would suggest you get involved in light heartedly or without thinking it through with loved ones, friends and family.

Physique competitions involve obtaining a very low body fat, a level which may not be deemed ‘healthy’ to maintain year round. The leanness you bring to the stage is a superficial short term look you may acquire for a few weeks or so. We have to be clear and encourage you to understand that there is a distinct difference between training for a contest prep and training for health.

Our goal is to get you stage ready in the most balanced way possible. We are here to help you manage the imbalances and stressful nature of competing by using evidence based practice.

What is evidence based practice (EBP)?

EBP is about asking questions, systematically finding high quality scientific research, in our case about training and nutrition, then assessing that evidence. This scientific evidence is then combined with our experience and judgement. With the evidence, experience and your unique values and circumstances in mind you can be assured that the most appropriate researched methods are utilised during your contest prep.

Utilising EBP our team strives to proficiently apply the knowledge of nutrition and adhere to the following.

  • Being competent, objective and honest in our actions
  • Adhering to the standards of good practice
  • Providing a high quality service
  • Respecting all people and their needs
  • Provide services based on the expectation
  • Striving to improve services and practice at all times
  • Maintaining continued education by being responsible for lifelong learning and engaging in self development
  • Collaborating with others

Since Physique Formation provide a team of coaches you can be assured that your progress will be monitored and overseen by all coaches in our meetings, where we discuss not only new and exciting information but also our athlete’s progress.

Where the mind goes the body will follow

The mental battle of contest prep is by far the most challenging. With anything in life your mindset must be right before you can accomplish any goal. Our mission is to aid your mental strength. We are here to work alongside you, empowering your daily life. Contest prep is a challenge and from challenges comes growth. We are here to assist you positivity in all aspects of your life. We want to see your mental strength prosper throughout your experience with us. Pushing beyond your comfort levels (which contest prep will require), can bring the most significant physical, personal, and mental growth you have ever experienced.

Physique Formation places progressive learning and flexibility very high on the agenda throughout contest prep. We want you to understand all of our advice and suggestions. We want you to have a strong foundational knowledge on nutrition and training by the end of your prep. The more knowledge you acquire the greater the control and thus flexibility you will feel you have. The knowledge we will share will make the post-contest experience a lot better as well. With us, post-contest you will not feel lost. Working with your coach there will be a plan in place and greater goals set for you to achieve.

Contest prep is not easy and will test you. It is an experience that can help you to grow in all areas of your life. If you are ready to achieve the required body composition seen on physique stages in the most positive, evidence based approach, in which you will learn about training and nutrition and how to have flexibility; let the team at Physique Formation coach you towards success.