10 Week Challenge

Here’s All You Need To Achieve RAPID FAT LOSS Over The Course Of 10 Weeks

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An Individualised Approach That Has Helped Hundreds Of Individuals Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals

If you’re still struggling to lose weight or keep it off I have exactly what you need to finally lose those pounds and keep them off for good.

But before I get into the details of how you can get back on track with your fitness goals, there’s something you need to understand when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

The truth is…

When you’re trying to lose weight or keep off that hard-fought lost weight… Willpower alone often isn’t enough to keep you on track, particularly when times get tough.

Hence, what you truly need to achieve your weight loss goals without having so many drawbacks is a higher level of accountability.

Accountability keeps you consistent with your weight loss goals and once you can remain consistent… There’s nothing stopping you from reaching your goals of losing fat and building a lean, healthy body.

This is why I came up with a 10-week weight loss challenge and this challenge has been able to help hundreds of individuals achieve their weight loss goals.

Now, before I get into the details of this 10-week challenge…

Let me introduce myself.
Hi, I’m Denver Steyn.
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I’m a Strength & Nutrition Coach who specialises in improved body composition through effective exercise and nutrition protocols.

I’m also a lifetime drug-free bodybuilder who has competed on an international level and has been featured in multiple health & fitness publications.

My strong passion for having full control of how I look and feel has led me into countless hours of reading, researching, and implementing weight training, nutrition, recovery, and supplementation strategies.

I have since developed an understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and I have based my approach and lifestyle around effective and enjoyable long-term progression.

This understanding of what works and what doesn’t has led to my passion for helping others to challenge themselves and become everything they hope to be with strong confidence and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

This is why I came up with a 10-week challenge which is an individualised weight loss plan that helps you achieve your weight loss goals without putting you on a restrictive diet or routine.

What’s included?

  • A flexible diet, eating the foods you choose

  • A tracking system for your calorie intake

  • An individual macronutrient target for YOU

  • A nutritional guideline that gives you the tools for better health

  • A selection of done-for-you fitness training plans to choose from

  • Key exercise technique and warm-up videos for your daily workout

  • Cardio training recommendations and routines

  • Abs, glutes, and conditioning circuit routines

  • Done-for-you calorie-based meal plans to help you hit your macronutrient and calorie targets with good structure

  • Supplements recommendation for your daily health and performance

But that’s not all…

This 10-week challenge also has an option of fortnightly coaching check-ins to help with accountability and to ensure that progress is made.

So the way I see it, you have all that you need to stay motivated and educated as you go through this weight loss journey over the course of 10 weeks.

And because I’m very much interested in seeing you become a healthier and leaner you…

You’ll be getting all my instructional materials, your personalised macronutrient targets, flexible dieting education, my done-for-you meal plan examples, and training plans for just a once-off investment of $297.

And if you want to benefit from the additional fortnightly support you can click the link below to choose that option right now.

But I have to say this…

If you truly want to benefit from this 10-week challenge, you have to put in the effort and stick to all the instructions you will be getting.
So if you’re ready to get started on this challenge with me…
If you’re ready to finally lose those pounds and experience a healthier and leaner you…
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P.S: If you’re still not convinced on how effective my 10-week challenge is in helping you create a sustainable fat loss system…

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