How Not To Gain Weight When Eating Out

I went out for brunch the other week and ordered Nutella crepes and a snickers milkshake…..The comments I got were something along the lines of:

“I just looked at this and gained weight”
“How do you eat like this & stay so lean”

Now it kind of got me thinking to how many people can be mislead by food posts. I often get asked how I stay so lean considering the amount of calorie dense foods I consume. But people only see 10-20% of my food intake in a week and it’s usually that 10-20% that I eat something worth posting about. My diet consists of 80-90% nutrient packed foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat, grains, nuts, seeds & dairy and the other 10-20% consists of whatever I feel like. Another factor to consider is that although I ordered this and posted about it, it does not neccessarily mean that I devoured the whole thing like a ravenous caveman. I ate till I was satisfied. Flexible dieting has helped me learn how to control portions and listen to my body. Not being restricted with food types means that I do not feel the urge to binge and demolish whats in front of me in an instant because if I really wanted to I could eat it later on or the following day. Don’t get mislead into thinking that people who follow a flexible dieting approach get lean by purely eating not so nutritious foods (not saying you can’t get lean if you did so but it wouldn’t be optimal for your health). Flexible dieting allows you to have BALANCE by not restricting any food groups BUT there are still certain protocols that you should follow when adopting this approach to ensure you also meet your health needs. For example:

1. Eating the recommended fruit & vegetables servings to meet micronutrient targets.
2. Meeting recommended fibre targets for a healthy bowel and digestive system.
3. Meeting protein intake (especially for athletes) to help build muscle, maintain muscle and help with satiety.
4. Meeting fluid intake to help with many important bodily functions such as flushing toxins out.

If you want to get started with flexible dieting but are unsure how to do so then shoot me an email 🙂

Coach: Vanesa Puerta

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