#1 Tip for Contest Prep

Invest in an educated coach. Don’t muck around with your health! Trust me, I’ve been through it all. Low carb, Paleo, No Carb, Clean Eating, Cheat Meals, Juice Detox, Atkins, Starving Myself….well you get the drift. I remember being so lost & confused because I kept getting different information from different people. I was so fed up with it but instead of losing hope I turned to education. Yep, textbooks, scientific literature, bachelor degrees, diplomas. I look back now and wish I had invested in a ‘educated’ coach as now I see why I failed over and over again.

When I say ‘educated’ I don’t mean someone who has competed once & now claims they’re a nutritionist… I see way too much of that & for someone who has done a degree in nutrition, well you can say that it annoys me to bits 😐 Do your research! Investing in a educated coach and one who practices what they preach can save you the confusion, the feeling of being lost, the feeling of failure or even worse experiencing an eating disorder.

I can proudly say that I have myself to thank for my successes whilst competing. Prepping myself was one of my hardest yet most rewarding accomplishments to date! Believing in yourself in not as simple as it sounds but you’ll be suprised at what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

If you’re looking to compete this year then checkout Physique Formation. This team is made up of 4 educated coaches who not only practice what they preach but also highly prioritize your health (both physical & mental) through the use of scientific backed approaches. I know this because I am one of those coaches There’s still time to register for SEASON A. Are you ready?

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