Consistency Creates The Path To Success!

Consistency. I am not the biggest, leanest, or most gifted. Hell I used to run long distance so I didn’t exactly set my body up for muscle growth or strength from a young age.

However what I personally focus on and what I see many people who start out seeking to improve their physique miss, is simply that… Consistency.

I believe being able to maintain consistency in the gym means you have to avoid injury, and find ways to work around physical limitations. In saying so, I believe one of the most important factors of being able to stay consistent regarding health and fitness is choosing moderation over extremes.

Sorry this is not hardcore. It’s not the dream. It isn’t magic; yet it is effective.

I believe extremes cause a lot of extra mental stress that commonly end in failure.

Extremes in nutrition and training are normally what people see as quick fixes.

Rather than setting yourself up for potential failure, consider the following:

1. Find a moderate approach to nutrition and training.

#Not an all or nothing approach. Consistency hitting 70% adherence is better than 100% for two days and then 10% for rest of the week.

2. Build up slowly.

#Progression is important however don’t go from no sessions to 7 sessions per week. If you think you can make it to the gym 5 days, follow a 4 day program. Continual progress is positive however if you do too much too soon and cause injury you can’t go back and change it. Injury has already occurred. Thus you will regress for a period of time, possibly losing enjoyment and stopping all together.

3. Do what you love not what you think you have to.

#Enjoyment is the key to sticking to any plan or goal. Find a way to not make it a chore. The gym is not for everyone and neither is cardio.

Find a method that keeps you consistently leaning towards your goal. Moderation is key. Extremes can sound like fun in the short-run, but are almost never ideal in the bigger picture.

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Coach: Stent Card

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